Launching…no time for recipes and I don’t cook anyway by Deb Danielle Younge-Ullman

Falling Under has officially been released!

And the Debs minus Gail are in San Francisco. It has been a whirlwind and we’re just getting started. (Gail, we haven’t called your cell phone because we debs only just all got assembled tonight, but we miss you and are wishing you were here.)

Earlier tonight (I’m writing this VERY late and nobody’s happy about that, esp with a great big king sized bed right behind me) I went to the Literacy Autographing and did my first public signing. I’d been warned that it’s a madhouse–500ish authors and huge line-ups for Nora Roberts but not so many line-ups for those of us who are newer–published YESTERDAY, for example.

I had to bring my own books, due to a communication snafu of some kind, and I had to laugh when I got to where my spot was supposed to be–very last in the entire alphabet with a great view of the Nora Roberts line-up–and there was no spot. No spot, no chair, no sign with my name on it. Fortunately I was early and the volunteers were fabulous and had me sorted out quickly and I embarked upon my first signing.

I met some great people, including some of you Debutante Ball readers, and got lots of practice pitching my book. People like the cover, btw.

Afterward the debs (minus Gail!) and a few other writers headed to a lovely Italian restaurant called Fino and there are some very funny photos of me sitting on the floor of the taxi, (again, no chair! it was a big van with half the seats taken out) but I can’t get the fancy scanner-uploader thingy that The Oppressor gave me (in the long absence of our usual uploader thingy which has been missing for weeks) to work so I will have to phone him in the morning and have him repeat the instructions.

We are having fun and working hard and I am about to fall asleep at the proverbial wheel here, so it’s time to wrap up.

Photos tomorrow (I hope) and we debs (MG–minus Gail) will be giving our panel and then tomorrow night I will be reading and signing at Books Inc. Details on my website.

Oh, and I’ve also been blogging at the Penguin website this week, so if you just can’t get enough of me, you can see my four posts there.

Most fondly…

Deb Dani

8 Replies to “Launching…no time for recipes and I don’t cook anyway by Deb Danielle Younge-Ullman”

  1. Wish I could join you! Sounds wonderful and I’m cracking up about how you’re always without a chair! I think I would have hit the panic button once I arrived and found no seat for me at the signing. Glad they didn’t make you stand…

  2. Too funny. I guess I’ve outdone myself with this computer upload tool fiasco. All over the internet, Ball devotees want to see the pictures, but are all now feeling oppressed by…The Oppressor. Mass Oppression! Bwahahaha!!!

  3. I was just in San Fran for Blogher. What a fabulous city, and a fantastic place for you to have a signing. Who cares if you don’t have Nora Roberts lines. You have sold a book – more than a lot of people. congrats.

  4. Thanks Joanne and Larramie! We’re having fun and it is pretty fabulous timing.

    Michael–indeed, you are Oppressive! It’s terrifying.

    Andrea–it is so beautiful here, you’re right.

    Cindy–thanks! Debs panel was yesterday, as was my first reading. Crazy!

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