Lyn’s Second Book – Red Thread of Fate

Now that my debut The Tiger Mom’s Tale has launched, my publisher Berkley, is already focusing on my second book. Titled Red Thread of Fate, it’s set to release on February 8, 2022, only six months from now!

I actually wrote Red Thread of Fate before The Tiger Mom’s Tale, but it failed to get me an agent in its original state. But once I signed with my agent, Rachel Brooks for Tiger Mom, she remembered Red Thread of Fate because she’d requested the full of that book too. So while we were on submission to publishing houses for Tiger Mom, Rachel and I worked on Red Thread of Fate and completely revised it. I’m so lucky that my editor bought both books so now this book will be published too!

While I love Tiger Mom, this second book is really close to my heart. It is based on my family’s adoption journey of our son and I love the storyline so much. I’ve included a synopsis below and it’s already up for pre-orders, since it’s coming out so soon. If you’d like a signed copy, my local bookstore, The Village Bookstore has partnered with me and they ship anywhere within the US.

And yes, there is a dachshund on the cover! Anyone who knows me, knows that I love dachshunds, and I’ve brought that love into this book. Dachshunds, rescue groups, fostering dogs are all themes in the book, which ties into the adoption storyline of the book.

As for next books? I’ve already written another book, which ended being a thriller/domestic suspense, and part of a third Women’s Fiction/Book Club fiction, and most of a YA book. Yes, I’ve been very busy and as my agent says, I write faster than traditional publishing moves. But I hope to keep this momentum going and have a career in publishing books. And I wouldn’t be able to do that without readers! Thank yu to everyone who has read the book and reviewed it. You’ve made debut year so amazing and I’ve loved connecting with authors and readers this year through The Debutante Ball!


Red Thread of Fate

In the wake of a tragedy and fueled by guilt from a secret she’s kept for years, a woman discovers how delicate the thread that binds family is in this powerful novel by Lyn Liao Butler.

Two days before Tam and Tony Kwan receive their letter of acceptance for the son they are adopting, Tony and his estranged cousin Mia are killed in an accident. A shell-shocked Tam learns she is named the guardian to Mia’s five-year-old daughter, Angela. Tam has no choice but to agree to take in the girl she hasn’t seen since she was a baby.

With her life completely upended, Tam must also decide if she will complete the adoption on her own and bring home the son waiting for her in a Chinese orphanage. But when her secret comes to light just as she and Angela start to bond, their fragile family is threatened. As Tam uncovers the events of the past, she discovers the true meaning of love; the one she is meant to be with, and the family she is meant to have, however unlikely.