Minor Dramas and Other Catastrophes

You never realize how important publication day is until you have one yourself.

I can’t begin to think of how many book parties I’ve been to, how many friends’ books I’ve bought, how many invites I’ve received — and didn’t realize their import until I wrote a book of my own. No, until I published a book of my own.

At that’s the important thing in this writing life — to be supportive, nay, to be HAPPY for others. To be kind, to be generous, to buy books, to read books, most importantly to offer five-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads for our friends books.

That’s why I’m so excited to delve into Kathleen West’s Minor Drama and Other Catastrophes (which sounds like a title named after my own life).









In this long life, as writers, as humans, we will have ups and downs and downs and ups. Right now I and the other Debs are on an upswing! And I want to share all the good luck and good vibes and good writing karma with everyone (so that one day if I need some again, it will come back my way!)