My Author Brand is Bloopers

When I first signed with my agent, Rachel Brooks of Bookends, she made a comment about my “brand,” and how my Book 2 is right on brand. I was so surprised. I had a brand? That was news to me! But apparently, I do. For my adult books, my author brand was family drama, secrets and lies, and someone always dies.

And that is certainly true for my debut novel, The Tiger Mom’s Tale, which will be out in three months on July 6, 2021. I am so excited for it to finally be released out in the world! The book was pushed back because of the pandemic, but I feel like everything happens for a reason. My book will now release in the summer, when hopefully most people will be vaccinated and I can go to bookstores and sign books and maybe meet readers outdoors.

As I’ve navigated this debut year, I’ve tried to stay true to my “brand” on social media. I started my Instagram account as a yoga and fitness instructor, posting yoga poses and pictures of my dachshunds. When I got my publishing deal, I started alternating between yoga/fitness, dogs and book related posts. And that’s been my brand across my social media platforms. But I have recently discovered that I apparently now have a new “brand” on my Instagram and TikTok (yes, I finally caved and am now TikToking – albeit badly).

What is this new brand? Turns out I have a knack for making blooper videos. It started when my marketing team at Berkley/Penguin Random House wanted me to make videos related to my book. Well, the bloopers turned out better than the actual footage and I figured out how to use Reel on Instagram and TikTok to post my bloopers on there.

Here’s one that shows why authors cannot speak:


This is why I’m a writer and not a speaker. I can’t even remember my own name or book title. #thetigermomstale #booktok #bookclubtiktok #bookclub

♬ original sound – Lyn Liao Butler

And why one should not take a big mouthful of bubble tea while trying to make a video about bubble tea:


Don’t take a mouthful of bubble tea when you’re trying to talk. #bloopers #bubbletea #bobatea

♬ Chewy Chewy – The Hit Crew

My marketing team just called me a “video goddess” and I feel like my work is done. My social media brand is now “Bloopers Video Goddess.”

Thank you for watching. You can find more bloopers on my Instagram Reels at: