New Year, New Format

This year, the 2021 Debs are going to do things a bit differently. I know you’re used to having a daily post from each Deb, but this year, Greta, Elizabeth, Ehsaneh, Denny and myself (Lyn) have decided to incorporate more interaction on Social Media.

When The Debutante Ball was born in 2007, Instagram hadn’t been created. People weren’t on social media as much. Now, in 2020, so much happens on SM that we wanted to engage with everyone on the different platforms. New year, new format, right? So instead of daily posts, we’ve decided to shake things up a bit.

We will only be posting on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, rotating our days. And Mondays will be for Instagram and Fridays for Twitter. On The Debutante Ball’s home page on the right, you will see the schedule under Blog Schedule. The links for Instagram and Twitter will take you directly to our social media, where you can join in on the fun.

Here’s a look at the schedule:

Monday: Instagram #TakeOverMondays
Tuesday: Lyn, Denny or Greta
Wednesday: Guest Authors
Thursday: Ehsaneh or Elizabeth
Friday: Twitter #AskADeb
Saturday: Giveaway
Sunday: Debutante News

We’re looking forward to a fun year of sharing our paths to publication and things we wished we knew when we were starting out. And with this new format, you’ll get a sneak peek at what our author lives are like on Instagram and Twitter. We can’t wait to get started!