News Flash! April 1, 2007

Deb Jennifer Interviewed on Mia’s Blog! Deb Mia is interviewing Deb Jennifer on her blog on Tuesday, April 3, one week before the official release of PROMISE NOT TO TELL. Swing by and hear all about the book and Deb Jennifer’s inspiration for her soon-to-be bestselling novel. Plus, there’s a recipe … towards the end of the book, the character Raven, one of the few remaining members of the commune, makes a big pot of this. However, events take a turn, and the ratatouille goes uneaten, which is too bad, as it’s mighty tasty stuff. Intrigued?

Buzz about Anna’s Book! Party Girl, Anna’s June-due novel, is already garnering some ink. The Spring issue of LA Confidential writes about the “molten-hot buzz around” the book, and the fact that “studios are sniffing around even before the book hits the shelves.” And Paper magazine “Goodreads, Good Times” blogger Alexis Swerdloff lists Party Girl as one of five books “people seem to like.” PG is the only book on the list (which recommends Dave Eggers and Alexandre Dumas novels, among others) that hasn’t been released yet.

We Like to Link! La Pauline 2.0, a blog by one Pauline Millard, a New Yorker, former Associated Press Online Editor, writing teacher, columnist for The Simon and, and all-around groovy chick, is the latest to make our link cut. Check out her blog here.

And another grog has entered the sphere! Jungle Red, featuring the rad literary stylings of Hank Phillipi Ryan, Rosemary Harris, Hallie Ephron, and Jan Brogan, is definitely worth checking out, especially since, as they say: Writing well is the best revenge!

Deb Makes a Bull’s Eye! Debutante Jennifer McMahon’s debut Promise Not to Tell has been chosen by Target as a Breakout Book!

Deb Getting Around! In more Deb Jennifer news, the ALA’s Booklist has some kind words for Promise Not to Tell, calling it an “…assured, ambitious debut novel (that) offers an unusual mix of mystery novel and ghost story, with particularly well-drawn coming-of-age themes,” and remarking on “her touching characterization of the brave and desperate Del.”  And check out the new Promise Not To Tell debut page!

Another Great Review for Town House! Looks like Booklist had Debs on the mind this month, as they’ve said of Deb Tish’s Town House, “…this highly readable first novel offers plenty of sardonic humor and a cast of endearing eccentrics.” 

Deb Tish Makes Friends in Anxious Places! Town House is becoming an early favorite among the anxious-at-heart. Internet sites catering to folks battling anxiety and phobias are promoting the book to their readers. Check out Town House on these sites:,,,,;

Deb Considers Herself One of the Lucky Many! Deb Tish is baffled and somewhat relieved to discover she’s made The Six Thousand list. Quite frankly, she’d have been satisfied with the Seven Thousand List, so this is just gravy. Check out:

Everything’s Coming Up Daisies for Debs! Check out Deb Anna David on friend of the site Larramie’s blog, Seize a Daisy on Monday!

Cool Friends Getting Cool Props! Deb friend and winner of the Lovliest Locks in the Industry award Nathan Singer got a shout out in CinCin’s City Beat for Best of the Year for his thrash novel A Prayer For Dawn and a mention from The Wizard himself for his play! Niiiice!


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