News Flash for June 8th

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Deb Eileen was interviewed by Lux Magazine for their “So Thrill Me” author series.

If you would like to win a free copy of Unpredictable by Deb Eileen, you can check out the contest being run on Getting Single both the blog and the podcast. It’s due to start June 14th!

Sleeping with Ward Cleaver got a phenomenal review from A Book Bloggers Diary:

I about died laughing reading this novel!

This debut novel as much fun as reading a Stephanie Plum story or watching an episode of Seinfeld. Mid-marriage crisis is the central theme and Jenny Gardiner keeps the emotional upheaval, mental turmoil and family problems, and yet depicts it all with an irresistible dash of humor that’s as funny and real as can be. Readers will be irresistibly reminded of snapshots of incidents or snippets of conversations from their own married life while reading this story and thanks to Gardiner’s excellent presentation, get a laugh out of it to boot! No wonder Jenny Gardiner won the American Title III contest with this story.

In Short: Vibrant characters, puns and quips and wisecracks galore, a truly unique nostalgic trip down email-lane and a story from the heart guarantees this book will be read over and over again. (I’m also of the opinion that Gardiner could give Evanovich a run for her money.)

Booking Mama also gave Sleeping with Ward Cleaver a glowing review:

SLEEPING WITH WARD CLEAVER is a hilarious read that’s perfect for the summer.
I really enjoyed the overall message that I got from reading this book — that you and your partner both have to work together to keep the “zing” in your marriage. It is just so easy to get caught up in the hectic nature of everyday life that we forget to take care of ourselves and each other. This book was really about Claire re-discovering herself and remembering why she fell in love with Jack in the first place. I like that both Claire and Jack looked at their behavior and mutually accepted blame for the problems in their marriage. Together, they worked on fixing things. I just love happy endings!

I would love the opportunity to meet Ms. Gardiner someday — I have a feeling that she is a laugh a minute! In the meantime, I’ll have to be satisfied with reading her weekly essays on The Debutante Ball (a grog which I love and follow everyday.)

And this from the hilarious June Cleaver Nirvana (if you haven’t seen her picture stories you have to spend some time going through her blog to find them, starting with Ikea:

The blogworld is an amazing thing. I started this blog a few months ago to keep in closer contact with friends. In the process I have “met” new friends. In the process I have MET new friends!

One of the new friends I have met is Jenny Gardiner. She wrote the book “Sleeping with Ward Cleaver”. Since I have a little June in me, I had to read the book. I now admit to a little mommy crush. Not on Ward, but on Jenny.

I really enjoyed the book. The fun thing about “Sleeping with Ward Cleaver” is that it doesn’t end with the girl getting the guy. It doesn’t even start with the girl getting the guy. The book starts with Claire married for years with 5 children.

Married for years with lots of kids…now that is a story to which I can relate. Now there are tons of other details in the book to which a married mom of children MIGHT also relate…I am unwilling to disclose HOW MANY other details. You will totally understand why when you read this very funny book.

Lastly the ever-impressive Philosopher Mom (a PhD with nine kids? How does one juggle all of that and have time to read books?) says this about Sleeping with Ward Cleaver:

SWWC is being billed as “fun” and “sassy.” I cannot but concur. In fact, it was so fun and sassy and engrossing that I read it in one ten-hour stretch, unwilling to put it away for a night of…er, one of the above options (sleep or sex). Buy it!

Please stop by the new blog that Deb Jenny has joined. It’s called Channeling Erma and features a number of writing moms with keen yet humorous observations on life with teenagers and such.

Debs are Reading

Deb Jenny just finished Karen White’s Learning to Breathe.

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  1. MWAH! Thanks so much for the sweet words. I loved the book. It is a book that I look back on and laugh at a detail or situation. It is just FUN.

    I don’t know how Phdwithninekids has the time to read either!

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