Our Very First Deb Launch Week!

Kerrys CoverFor those of you used to catching the lovely and gracious Deb Kerry on Mondays…surprise! Deb Dana here, stepping in for Deb Kerry to tee up the 2013 Debs’ very first book launch, a gripping urban fantasy by Ms. Schafer herself!

Let me tell you: I am so excited for Kerry’s debut to hit the shelves tomorrow. And you should be, too. Before reading Between, I didn’t have much experience with urban fantasy — or any fantasy, for that matter. But Kerry hooks you in right from the start with an amazing premise: what if certain people among us had the ability to shift between dreams and reality? And what if there were a third world between dreams and reality that these Dreamshifters could enter as well? And what if you discovered YOU were a Dreamshifter? That’s exactly what Kerry’s main character, Vivian, discovers following the mysterious death of her grandfather. Kerry takes Vivian — and her readers — on a wild adventure filled with dragons, princes, sorceresses, and magic. Throw in an enigmatic potential love interest and a fat little penguin as a sidekick, and you have a recipe for a page-turner that grips you from the first page.

And here’s the good news for all of you: Kerry has generously offered to give away a free copy to one lucky commenter! Not only that, she is including a dragon-in-a-bottle and a little bag of dream stones as well! Here are the contest rules:

Leave a comment today telling me about your craziest or scariest dream. Then, on each day this week, leave a comment in response to the other Debs’ posts. You don’t have to comment every day, but all of the comments will be taken into consideration, so if you comment each day this week, that’s five separate entries — and a greater chance you’ll win!

To give you a sense of what you can expect for the rest of the week, here’s what we have planned:

Tomorrow, we turn the tables on Kerry and have her take the Deb Interview.

Wednesday, Deb Kelly will write about what you should eat while reading Between — and provide a recipe.

Thursday, Deb Susan will talk to us about penguins — specifically Poe, Vivian’s sidekick (and my favorite character!).

And on Friday, Deb Amy will talk about the lovely Deb Kerry herself — as a writer but, more importantly, as a friend.

So buckle your seat belts — it’s going to be an exciting week! Let the celebration begin!

23 Replies to “Our Very First Deb Launch Week!”

  1. WOO-HOO! A Deb launch week–those are always so much fun!

    I’m so excited for Deb Kerry–I’ve been waiting anxiously to see see BETWEEN on bookshelves everywhere (okay, especially MY bookshelf), and am thrilled the time has finally come.

    Kerry, enjoy every minute of this special time. You deserve it. 🙂

  2. Tweeting and FBing and shouting from the rooftops!! It’s your week, Kerry! Here’s to boundless book sales and lots of fun.

    xoxo Amy

  3. Congratulations! This looks so good. I love the dragon too ;).

    My scariest dream was where my house was surrounded by crocodiles and my youngest son needed to get to the hospital. They only way for me to get to a car was to walk on top of the crocs. It was so scary. But in the dream I kind of did a hop on their backs as they snapped their jaws. I woke up halfway across the yard.

  4. OMG, where to choose? I am constantly having scary dreams about car crashes, robberies, etc. Sometimes though they are so unrealistic that even though they’re scary, they’re not as scary as where the setting is a real-life one, like the time everything was exactly like my college class but I got a D on a test. It was so accurate in dreamworld that it took me a few days to realize I hadn’t actually gotten a D.

    1. That’s the sort of dream that helped lead to creating the world Between! I know exactly the kind of thing you are talking about. It distorts your reality perception for a long time.

  5. Happy launch, Kerry!!!!! I’m so excited to read this novel.

    As for scary dreams, the worst involve something happening to my kids. Uggg. But I don’t have those super often, thank goodness.

  6. Happy Launch Week my friend!

    I would like to share here how much I adored every page of BETWEEN. Some of it scared the living bejeezus out of me, some of it made me laugh, and yes, there is a part, you know what part, where I wept tears and cursed Deb Kerry’s ruthless name. Most of all it was one of those books where, when you are in the part of your life where you cannot be reading books, you are thinking about how you’d like to get home and read that book. The kind of book that makes you wish you could survive on four hours of sleep so you had more time to keep reading. The kind you open up in totally inappropriate places, a long stoplight, maybe, or when you should be working, just to find out what happens next.

    So excited that other readers are going to get to experience the joy of Between (and the thrills and chills of it too) starting tomorrow. Happy Launching, Deb Sister Kerry!

  7. Happy Launch Week Kerry!!

    I’m SO excited. I can’t wait to go to the bookstore tomorrow and pick up my pre-ordered copies of BETWEEN. I’m going to hold them IN MY HANDS!! I can only imagine how excited you feel.

  8. I don’t remember the whole dream, but it had to do with going on a trip with my siblings and I think they tried to kill me. Very weird.

    1. Bonnie, I’ve had dreams where people I love suddenly turn on me. They are almost the worst. The worst for me are definitely the ones where something bad happens to one of the kids.

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