On Aging by Deb Mia

Could this week’s post be more apropos? Because I just realized that my post from last week was technically the post we were supposed to write on a month ago. HELLOOOO!! Sheesh! There are so many things I could blame it on, but really, I have noticed a definite drop in my mental capacity the moment I turned 35. I actually think I heard the click. And yes there are…


Black Balloons by Deb Jennifer

In a little over a year, I’ll be 40.  Yep, FORTY.  Back when I was a kid, a teenager, even in my twenties, this was completely impossible to imagine.  40 is where you have a party with black balloons.  Friends give you cards with pictures of tombstones and jokes about being “over the hill.” Some people avoid this by staying “39” as long as possible.  Me, I’m going to embrace 40. …


Your Ass or Your Face by Deb Tish

“It’s your ass or your face,” Kathleen Turner once said of turning 35. I’ve never been a huge Kathleen Turner fan–too much forced breathiness when she acts–but the gal’s got a point. I’ve finally reached the stage where this decision needs to be made. Basically, there’s a five-pound spread (cruel, unintentional pun) and at the lower end, your ass looks great in your favorite jeans, at the higher end, your…


Age of Innocence

I come from a family that ages very well. With some cosmetic help. Grandma Ethel, God bless her, knew her way around a surgeon’s table better than she did her own condo. Pretty and petite into her eighties, she seemed to consider plastic surgery a necessary medical procedure, but other surgeries optional. I’ll never forget her saying about a man she knew who’d had a quadruple bypass that he had…


News Flash! April 15, 2007

Ale! Deb Anna sold the Italian rights to her book, Party Girl, which means that Italians will be able to read all about the misadventures of a ragazza facile (that’s ‘party girl’ to you and me). Debs on the Road! Deb Kristy will be in Tennessee and Kentucky this coming week. Come see her if you’re near-by! Details here… Debs on the Web!  Promise Not to Tell has the honor of being…


Step on a Crack? by Deb Kristy

Your biggest quirk is the topic of the week, and I must be frank with you all (you can still call me Kristy though): my quirks as so numerous and bizarre that I would need more than a blog post, more than a day, more than the whole fox trottin’ Debutante week to reveal them in all their glory and I can’t possibly pick the “biggest” one because it requires…

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