PRESS RELEASE: Ehsaneh Sadr’s A DOOR BETWEEN US Launches Today

Press Release – First 2021 Debutante Makes Her Launch into the Literary World


For Immediate Release:

September 1, 2020­­­—Drum roll please!! It’s launch day for Debutante Ehsaneh Sadr. Ehsaneh is the first of this year’s Debs to step out onto the ballroom floor!  The Door Between Us hits shelves today, Tuesday, September 1st.



Weddings always have their fair share of drama, but this one comes on the heels of the highly controversial 2009 Iranian election and ensuing Green Wave protests.

When the matriarch of Sarah’s family arranged her marriage to Ali, it was with the intention of uniting two compatible families. However, as the 2009 election becomes contentious, political differences emerge and Sarah’s conservative family tries to call off the wedding. Sarah and Ali, however, have fallen in love and, against the wishes of their parents, insist on going through with the marriage.

Sarah’s cousin, Sadegh, is a staunch supporter of the government and a member of the Baseej (the volunteer militia), tasked with arresting protestors and shutting down speech against the regime. Meanwhile, Ali’s sister, Azar, is an activist, a divorce attorney, and a passionate Green Wave supporter, trying to enact change in a way that many Iranians see as inflammatory. When Sarah impulsively shelters a protestor in their car on the drive home from the wedding, she sets off a chain of events that can either unmask the government’s brutality or ruin them all.

Sarah, Sadegh, and Azar’s stories weave together in an unflinching, humorous, and, at times, terrifying, story that demonstrates that, even as the world is falling apart around us, choices matter.

Here’s what others have had to say about A DOOR BETWEEN US:

“A Door between Us is a vivid, thrilling story of clashes and collisions, between tradition and civil liberties, between families, between individuals and institutions, between reform and reaction. With touches of humor, it is also a narrative of rumor, gossip, torture, terror, intrigue, and betrayal after the election of 2009 in Iran. Best of all it is a story of the deep bonds between people, of family ties and spiritual allegiance, and sustaining love, in a period of unrest and horror. You will not forget these scenes and these characters.

— Robert Morgan, NY Times bestselling author of Gap Creek & Chasing the North Star

A deeply compelling story about the struggle for democracy in Iran. The broken dreams of a generation poised for change are brought vividly to life in this powerful and haunting tale.”

— Ausma Zehanat Khan, author of Among the Ruins

A Door between Us is an enthralling story of hope, courage, and the powerful ties that bind families and communities together. Ehsaneh Sadr expertly weaves together three divergent perspectives, offering a gripping and nuanced look at the tumultuous 2009 Iranian election. From start to finish, the story held me rapt, its poignant message of interconnectedness lingering with me long after I turned the last page.”

— Amanda Skenandore, author of Between Earth and Sky

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Author: Greta Kelly

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