Shameless Self-Promotion? A Lesson Learned, Not Once But Twice


Way back when I was just a young thing, fresh out of college and braving the wilds of New York, I got a job at a magazine that shall remain nameless here (but if you know me, you know which one — and it’s not hard to figure it out). I worked my ass off…
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Why You Should Promote Yourself (or at least get your mom to do it for you)…

There really is a someecard for every occasion...

I have never been afraid of a little self-promotion. Maybe it started when I was 15 months old and my baby sister was born, and I needed to remind my parents I was here first. Or perhaps it was in high school when I ran for student government and had to outline my plans and…
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Shameless Cover Reveal


Self promotion goes against every fiber of my being. From an early age I was taught to not brag, to not raise myself above others. I’ll gladly tell you about how everyone else is great, but if you turn the spotlight on me, I want to hide. But in today’s publishing world, that’s not an…
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News Flash: Contests, Revisions & other Debut Author Fun!


Congratulations to Ryan Kincade, winner of MARY: THE SUMMONING by author Hillary Monahan! Check back next Sunday for this week’s winner of a copy of Linda Grey Sexton’s BESPOTTED…     From the 2015 Debs: Colleen Oakley‘s debut BEFORE I GO was selected this week as a January 2015 Indie Next List pick by independent…
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Linda Gray Sexton and Her Years of Being BESPOTTED (book giveaway!)


For you dog lovers like me, this week’s post is a treat for you. Linda Gray Sexton is here to talk about her new book BESPOTTED: MY FAMILY’S LOVE AFFAIR WITH THIRTY-EIGHT DALMATIONS,  a memoir speaking to the growth of its author into a different phase of her life—one dominated by joy—and uniquely examines how one…
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“It’s better that it’s better than sooner” and other words of wisdom


There are no shortage of inspiring quotes and lists of advice from great writers. The internet is full of them. Go ahead. Google “writing advice.” See? There’s no end to it. But the two best pieces of writing advice I’ve ever had came from unexpected places: an agent who is not longer an agent and a…
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Advice for Writers Who Are Also Parents: “Everything is copy.”


So you may have noticed that my post this morning was late. Here’s why: life. More specifically? Kids. My whole life as a “real,” soon-to-be published author, I’ve also been a real, extremely sleep-deprived parent. It’s been really intense – lots of skin of our teeth moments and exhaustion. But you know what? I’ve realized…
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Words of Advice…


A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to hear Jodi Picoult read from her latest novel LEAVING TIME, and to meet her for the briefest of moments while she signed my book. She was funny, and gracious, and quite down to earth despite her 23 books – the last 8 of which have…
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