What Do We Want? Success! When Do We Want It? Now!

I had the great good fortune to meet a group of wonderful veteran YA authors about a year before my book came out, and their greatest advice to me was to manage my expectations. Very few people hit the NYT list, and those that do get there because of publisher buy-in and enormous marketing campaigns, a thing The Diminished was never going to have. My friends told me to set reasonable goals,…


The Top Three Things That Surprised Me About Publishing A Novel

This week we are talking about the differences between expectations and reality when it comes to traditionally publishing. I’ve compiled a run-down of my top three surprises regarding the process but if I had to sum up my debut publishing experience in one word it would be this: intense. The doctor in me feels compelled to point out that my limbic system took a beating this year, whirling around in…


Expectations and Exceptions

Debut authors get told, a lot, to moderate their expectations. I didn’t need to be told that. Sure, I might dream of selling millions of copies of From Unseen Fire, getting a Netflix deal, having people obsessively discuss the series and write fanfic and wonder what will happen next. My parents certainly think all that’s going to happen. I want all that to happen. But expect? Of course not. I…

Latest News

[News Flash] July 15, 2018

Congratulations to Kris Erin Clink, winner of our #DebBallGiveaway of Sarah Kuhn’s Heroine Complex.   News from the 2018 Debs: Julie Clark had a great time with the Oceanside Moms book club…a very special group near and dear to my heart.   Kaitlyn Sage Patterson is excited to finally be able to share that she’ll be in Greenville, South Carolina for Read Up! Greenville in October!   Cass Morris is drafting. Definitely not working…


In Which Lara Lillibridge raves about RED: A CRAYON’S STORY

I am breaking with the interview format today because I am so completely nuts over RED by Michael Hall, a 40-page picture book about a blue crayon who is mistakenly given a red label at the factory. While it is a wonderful resource for trans and gender-queer kids and those who love them, I think it will resonate with anyone who has ever felt as if the world expects them to…


Hidden Gems in The Ones We Choose

I don’t have very many hidden Easter eggs in my book…aside from locations that Angelinos might recognize — Pitfire Pizza is a real restaurant on Venice Blvd, Annesley College where Paige works is located where Pepperdine University resides, although I completely rewrote the architecture and overall vibe to match my own University of the Pacific in Stockton (Pepperdine architecture is much more modern than the brick and ivy buildings I…


What Hollywood Always Gets Wrong About Gunshot Wounds and Other Inside Info From Kimmery

  This week we are writing about Easter Eggs. Not the chicken byproduct you decorate with pastel colors in the spring, but hidden messages—winks, secret puzzles, and inside jokes—concealed within the pages of our books. Almost all authors include at least a couple of these little nods in their work, whether intentionally or unintentionally, but few of us take it to the lengths of someone like Dan Brown, whose books…

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