Pub Day for Minor Dramas! What do I even SAY?!

My novel, Minor Dramas & Other Catastrophes, publishes today, and I have to admit, I feel a little teary just writing that. I never imagined when I started dragging myself out of bed at 4:45am to try writing that I’d have a book deal, that I’d be headed out on a multi-city tour to promote my novel, which has been featured in Real Simple, The New York Post, PopSugar, and The Star Tribune.

Honestly, the whole thing seems like a dream.

Mostly what I’m feeling is a boatload of gratitude. I’ve written about this before, but I feel like pub day is an occasion for one more time, with feeling:

  1. I have the most amazing family. My husband is my perfect match. He’s the calm to my panic attack, the funnier of the two of us by everyone’s estimation. And he’s so great, I don’t mind losing to him in that contest or in any other board game the two of us have ever played. My children are hilarious and strong. They know who they are, and I’m so proud of them.
  2. My parents have always been proud of and amazed by me. Their support is humbling and means everything. My siblings are eclectic, creative, funny, and hardworking. They’ve got my back.
  3. My friends, new and old, are the most loyal and supportive bunch. I’m undeserving and so grateful.
  4. My teaching career has been robust and challenging and everything I imagined teaching would be and more. And, I decided to be an English teacher when I was eleven years old, so I spent a lot of time idealizing the classroom.
  5. I’ve been inordinately lucky. Without the luck and many other advantages, I wouldn’t be here.

I’m sending a big hug to all of the Debs: Lisa, Karen, Yodassa, and Amy: I’ll be ready with the glitter and confetti for your pub days! Readers, will you come and see me on tour? I’d love that so very much.


Author: Kathleen West

Kathleen West is the author of the forthcoming novel, Minor Dramas & Other Catastrophes, out 2/4/20 from Berkley. She lives in Minneapolis with her family.

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