The Last Goodbye, the Last Blog Post, and All Good Things

everyendI’m honored to be writing the final blog post on behalf of the Debutante Ball Class of 2014. How can a year have raced by so fast? Seems like just a few months ago the five of us were going nutty preparing the Debutante Ball’s relaunch with this fantastic new website.

Can it be? Are we really the old hands now, the published authors ready to hand down the tiaras to the up-and-comers?

Indeed it is so. And to this I say: “All good things must come to an end.”

In fiction, we’re taught not to use cliches. In reality, cliches exist because they often encapsulate truisms about humanity and living. At first take, this cliche may seem sad or depressing. But it’s not. Because what if we didn’t move on from the current good thing, if we stayed put, if life didn’t continue flowing?

Stagnation, my friends. There would be no room for all the good things to come. And I’m sure more good–no, great!–things will come for all five of us. And for the Class of 2015 too.

So, it is with welling tear ducts and a smile and huge hugs all around that I say goodbye to this wondrous good thing called The Debutante Ball. One short year, but what a potent year! It’s an era all its own.

But more than that, it’s the friendships I’ve made with Lori, Natalia, Susan, and Heather. We were a fantastic team; it was like the cosmos came together to land us all here at the same time.

I’m already feeling nostalgic!

This was a banner year for my personal growth too. My whole life I’d avoided the spotlight and run away from any, and I mean any, form of public speaking. I’m proud of myself for surviving and even performing passably well in that department. Many firsts: educating eager aspiring writers, summarizing KILMOON to 150 readers, participating in my first panel, and so many more.

curtainsMany thanks to the deb community for your support and comments. It’s been a fantastic year. Does anything more need be said? Nah.

<deep Namaste bow as the Class of 2014 curtain falls>

Author: Lisa Alber

Lisa Alber is the author of KILMOON, A COUNTY CLARE MYSTERY (March 2014). Ever distractible, you may find her staring out windows, dog walking, fooling around online, or drinking red wine with her friends. Ireland, books, animals, photography, and blogging at Lisa Alber's Words at Play round out her distractions. Visit her at

27 Replies to “The Last Goodbye, the Last Blog Post, and All Good Things”

  1. Namaste, friend! I have to admit I’m glad that I’m not rushing around fixing site issues at roadside restaurants like I was last Labor Day weekend. But it was worth it because I love the way our site looks and am proud to be passing it down to another group of fabulous women.

    1. I didn’t realize that you were traveling last Labor Day! We (and future debs!) owe you so much for the work you put in — you created a site we all liked associating ourselves with. 🙂

      1. Lisa, I agree with you. We will miss all of you on this site though I just started following you and all of the other debs 2014 on twiter so that I can continue to get updates about your books. I enjoyed reading the posts every week.

  2. So true, Lisa. I’ll miss this first year of ours, but if we were to stay in it forever, we’d be pretty bummed about that. We have to keep moving out of our new comfort zones and into new adventures.

    Also, I’m so happy for you and the banner year you’ve had. Public speaking has always been a fear of mine, too, so to actually embrace it is a huge growth for both of us! Who knows…maybe we’ll do an event together someday? xoxo

    P.S. Susan, I love the way the site looks, too. Thank you so much for all the rushing around you did to fix it up all nice and pretty for us 😉

    1. I’d love to do an event with you, Natalia! Maybe something along the lines of setting stories in exotic locales. 🙂

      I’m happy for you too — you done live interviews and all kinds of things. I’d still love to know how the media consultant worked for you. Do you feel the money was worth it? Any nuggets of wisdom to share?

    1. Hah! Oh, you know, being a born-and-bred west coaster, that kind of thing comes naturally. Doesn’t even seem kooky. 🙂

      No way, we’ll always have future Bouchercons!

  3. Bravo, you five! I’ve loved checking in on your progress over the past 5 years, and eagerly filing away (in the sieve I call my brain) all of your debut author advice. Best of luck to all of you for the upcoming year, and the ones after that.

  4. So sorry to have found the Debs this late in the game – but glad we finally connected at Killer Nashville! I’m sure we’ve shared many of the same struggles during this year to publication, and I wish you all the best. Namaste (did you note that’s how I sign my books?!) –


  5. Lisa, it’s been a pleasure to follow your and the other debs progress this year! Thank you for sharing so openly about the ups and downs of being new author! I know this year is only the beginning and look forward to more books and wisdom from all of you in the future!
    ~ Claire

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