What is Scarier than Empty Space?

Well, I’m glad Halloween is over.

Now it’s time for more prosaic fears.


Yup, it’s that time of year again, when my book edits were submitted (“This is the last time you can make substantive changes,” GULP) and I am in that twiddling thumb space.

I’ve been in this space before — the first time I handed in my draft in June — but after that I collapsed. I mean, I came to my workspace every day, I tried to write…but nada. I don’t think I produced much in that empty space until my book came back to me.

This time I want to be more productive. I have to be more productive because hello, life. And money. And projects. And so I have to face what’s next. What’s new. What’s interesting. What’s compelling. I have to begin again.


I’m drawing a blank right now…but it will come to me. I know it will!