When Deb Elise Thinks About Freedom…

She thinks about George Michael, of course!!!

Specifically, she thinks about the fact that dear George has not one but TWO songs called Freedom, one on Wham!’s Make It Big, and one on his solo Listen Without Prejudice Volume One. While the second Freedom (technically called Freedom ’90, to distinguish it from its ancestor) is a superior song, I love them both, and hereby present them as the perfect way to enjoy the Fourth of July!

First, the Make It Big Freedom.

And now, his solo.

Happy Fourth of July!

~Deb Elise

4 Replies to “When Deb Elise Thinks About Freedom…”

  1. I do love both of those songs. It’s so interesting to see how artists evolve over time – hey, we’re going to be saying that about YOU someday!

    Happy 4th, lovely!

  2. When I used to run track in high school, I’d always get Wham’s “Freedom” stuck in my head right before a race. It made no sense at all, and was annoying at first, but then it became my funny little ritual.


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