Where do I find the most inspiration?

I am so very into being inspired. I love being exposed to new experiences, ideas, art, stories, sounds, tastes. I used to feel I could only be inspired by things when I felt safe. I felt like I needed to shut out others to find inspiration from within. While this is still true, as I can find inspiration in quiet contemplation, I’ve also found I can be very inspired when I am pushing myself beyond my comfort zones. It has taken time to stretch in this way, but I am very grateful as I feel it has expanded my entire life.

I feel the most inspired when I visit Burning Man. It is definitely a portal zone – the land is indigenous and spiritually potent. If you are willing to be moved, you will be. Just experiencing nature out there, the mountains and clear starry sky and sunset of sherbet colors, is breathtaking and transportive. It’s very hard to describe, but it’s like there’s a veil between myself and the multiverse, and when I am at Burning Man, the veil is thin and anything can happen! I have had incredible experiences like remembering buried things from my childhood and gaining insight into the type of character I want to reflect to the universe and feeling like I am connecting with my ancestors, all due to interacting with one out of thousands of pieces of art.

glowing giant flowers as the sun rises on playa

The thing I find most inspiring about the experience of Burning Man is that I am able to flow between different states and experiences, dancing and bike riding intense activity, to sitting drinking tea with people from around the world, to climbing a crazy wild piece of art, to laying down and gazing at a rainbow light movie screen. There’s something about being able to move through activities that have been crafted to give peak enjoyment that allow me to be inspired and open to the universe in a deep way.

I feel very grateful to Black Rock City as it was after my first Burn I was so inspired I knew I was going to produce a novel. I had no idea how the path would look, but I felt I needed to join this world of wild creatives. I was too inspired, and I remain grateful for this creative and exciting experience. Recently, the Oakland Museum hosted No Spectators, the Burning Man Art Exhibit. It was fun attending and overhearing visitors who had never been, but were inspired by the art, fashion, and intention of the event. I watched a woman stand and make a glowing mushroom shrink, and she squealed so delightfully it gave me second hand joy. Seeing art delight others is a powerful inspiration that makes me want to be a creator and delight, too.

Author: Yodassa Williams

Yodassa Williams is a powerful conjurer of black girl magic (70% Jedi, 30% Sith). A Jamaican American writer, speaker, and award winning performing storyteller, alumna of the VONA/Voices Travel Writing program and creator of the podcast ‘The Black Girl Magic Files’, Yodassa (Yoda) launched ‘Writers Emerging' in 2019, a wilderness writing retreat for women of color and non-binary people of color. In 2020, Yodassa's debut YA Fantasy, The Goddess Twins, will be published by Spark Press. She grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and currently resides in the Bay Area.