Food just tastes better when you set it on fire by Deb Eileen

There are few food products that aren’t made better by setting them on fire. Take marshmallows. A plain, dare I say raw, marshmallow tastes rather bland. Sticky. Sweet. Overall a rather disturbing texture if you think about it for too long. Ah, but set that sucker on fire, a sugar napalm nugget, and you’ve got a taste treat. Slap that sucker on a graham cracker with some chocolate (and frequently a light sprinkle of beach sand) and you’re pretty close to heaven.

When I think of summer foods I think of grilling. We grill everything: steaks, salmon, veggie kabobs, peaches, pineapple and even pizza. The first time we threw the dough on the grill I was pretty certain that it would sag and droop between the grates, but darn it all it worked, just like it did on the fancy cooking shows. Pizza Recipe or funky pizza with pears.

I’m not sure what it is about the grill that makes it so much fun. LOOK AT ME! I’M COOKING OUTSIDE! But it works. It makes me wonder if other things that feel like chores when done on the inside would be more fun if we took them outside. Maybe if the bathroom was in the backyard I would be all excited to clean it. Somehow I doubt this.

What is your favorite thing to grill?

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8 Replies to “Food just tastes better when you set it on fire by Deb Eileen”

  1. I love grilling. Mostly because my testosterone filled husband does it. (I have deliberately never learned how to turn the thing on – me and flammable gasses don’t mix). I love just about anything from the grill, but maybe thick-cut bacon is the most satisfying since it means no greasy pan to deal with. And who doesn’t love bacon? Really? BACON.

    Hope you ladies are having fun out there!

  2. I love grilling because I’m the one with the “dishes” job and if my husband grills (as Joanne noted above) no greasy pan! In fact, we’re grilling bratwurst tonight, which might be a mainly Midwestern thing.

    We have an old-school charcoal grill, partly out of cheapness, partly because everything tastes better that way, we think.

    My husband makes a mean grilled steak. We don’t splurge on that too often, which makes it all the more special when we do. That, plus a cold beer on a warm summer evening…

  3. Now here I didn’t know that grilling cancelled out calories. Wa-hoo.

    Bacon on the grill- love that. Potatoes too.

    You’ve got a point on the backyard bathrooms there Larramie- but on the upside think of all those chances to get some fresh air. : )

    One of the better things about living in Vancouver is we can grill year round.

    To all those in SF it has been GREAT to see you- to those who couldn’t make it- you’re missed. However you are most likely getting more sleep than we are. : )

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