On the Road with Denny and her Writing CRAFT Journey!

I am a self-proclaimed craft geek. I love craft books, craft classes, online or when possible, in person. I have traveled as far as Maui to take a workshop and have purchased audiotapes and videotapes and bid on private craft lessons with superstar instructors at online auctions. Sounds a bit like an addiction, I’ll admit it. But for nearly two decades, writing workshops fell under my idea of a great vacation or fantastic weekend excursion. Unable to write full-time or even part-time due to my-then work schedule, I immersed myself in writing classes whenever I could. But there are also a wonderful number of must-have craft books on my shelf. I am a devotee of the classic Goal, Motivation & Conflict by Debra Dixon. I have Lisa Cron’s Story Genius, Larry Brooks’ Story Engineering, and I LOVE the classes I’ve taken with Micheal Hauge.

I also have a crush on two instructors — Donald Maass and Margie Lawson. Much of my travel can be pinned on either one:)! But their in-person sessions (and books and websites) are among the top five in my craft journal.

Recently, well, more than a year ago now, I took a couple of classes from David Corbett (both he and Donald write regular features at Writer Unboxed, a brilliant resource for writers, you should check out). He is on my list now, too.

Since I desperately miss traveling, I am posting photos of some of the trips my craft journey has prompted:). Las Vegas is/was a regular stomping ground, as were cities in Texas and Rome (London and Paris). New Orleans (I love that town) was a hotbed of conferences and included the opportunity to meet such famous authors as Sylvia Day and Beverly Jenkins. A Texas conference also gave me the chance to meet famed romance author Brenda Jackson. Well, that’s it for my CRAFT journeys for today. I do recommend the books and instructors mentioned. And read as many books as possible.

The ladies pictured in red are some of the co-authors of Ribbons of Scarlett and include from left to right: Kate Quinn, Sophie Perinot, Heather Webb, Eliza Knight, and Stephanie Dray (not pictured Laura Kamoie).

Author: Denny S. Bryce

Denny S. Bryce is an award-winning author and three-time RWA Golden Heart® finalist, including twice for WILD WOMEN AND THE BLUES, her debut historical fiction novel coming on March 30, 2021. She also writes book reviews for NPR Books, entertainment articles for FROLIC Media, and debut author video interviews for A Mighty Blaze.