Bookish Gifts For All

The Literary Gift Company - Pashmina library card

For the littlest bookworm on your list: Personalized bookplate stamp I was an avid reader as a kid, and would have loved to stamp my books for my own little library. Not to mention, parents will appreciate the time spent stamping (craft time!) so they can have a few minutes of peace and quiet to…
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News Flash: Holidays, Book Birthdays, & Giveaways!

News Flash

Congratulations to Katelyn Carolyn Hart, winner of the signed copy of TOP TEN CLUES YOU’RE CLUELESS by guest author Liz Czukas! Check back next Sunday for this week’s winner of ELECTRIC CITY by guest author Elizabeth Rosner…   From the 2015 Debs: Colleen Oakley can’t believe her book baby will meet the world in less than a…
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Elizabeth Rosner and the Language of Science (Book Giveaway!)


This week is for all you literary science geeks out there. (We know you exist!) Our guest is Elizabeth Rosner, author of the novel ELECTRIC CITY and the poetry collection GRAVITY (both released in October). As probably the nerdiest of the Debs, ELECTRIC CITY especially has huge appeal for me. I’m reading it now and it’s…
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Life Lessons from Hollywood, With Love


People say book publishing is a hard game. Heck (haha, heck!), I’ve said it myself, right here on this very site. And I won’t deny it. But think publishing is hard? You should try Hollywood. That, there, is a true pit of despair. Because in LaLaLand, you can do everything right and still fail big…
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Publish or Perish: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Two sides of the same coin...or, travel mug.

I was a competitive gymnast growing up and the vault one of my best events. At least until this one competition, when my teammate fumbled her vault by running right into it instead of hand springing over it. As I watched her try again – running into it again – two things occurred to me:…
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The Pit of Despair


I’ve been writing seriously for about four years, not counting my years as a grad student when I wrote papers on equivocation in Shakespeare’s Macbeth (we won’t talk about how bad that paper was). The clock started when I outlined my first ideas for what became THE COINCIDENCE OF COCONUT CAKE. During those four years, I’ve…
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