Spring’s The Thing — Finally!


The reason this post is late? Mega snow day today. It’s still coming down, though we’re only expecting about four to eight inches. Which means everything here has come to a halt. And the littles have no school. So I’m scrambling to squeeze in some work. And man, can I NOT WAIT for Spring. Ideally,…
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5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Writing Life


There’s still plenty of snow and ice outside, and the groundhogs were divided on whether spring really is right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get to a little spring cleaning while you wait for the thaw (unless you live in a place where you’re already wearing shorts and tending to your…
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News Flash: Cake, Pie, and Muffins


Congratulations to Rhonda Lomazow, winner of LITTLE BLACK LIES by guest author Sandra Block! Check back next Sunday for this week’s winner of DOVE ARISING by guest author Karen Bao …     From the 2015 Debs: Colleen Oakley had a short work week, since three days of rain kept her children home with her (here…
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The Only Guarantee in Writing Is Rejection


I started my writing career batting a thousand. The first story I ever submitted won a local writing contest. $500!!! It was the most money I ever earned from a short story. The second short story I ever submitted came in second place in a writing contest for a national magazine. $300!!! I was on…
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Rejection Equals Writer Fuel


I’ve shared here on the DebBall before my sad, terrible, no good tale of soul-shattering rejection. As writers, we’ve all faced our share of rejections — and the bad news is, just having a book out in the world doesn’t mean the end of it. Nope, you’ll still get countless rejections every time you go…
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