When on the Verge of a Writer Freak-out, Try the 3 B’s

Writers freak out. It’s just a fact. Find an author in any stage of the publication game–the agent search, submission, revision, book launch–and I’ll bet you that, if she’s not in the middle of a freak-out, there’s one just around the corner.

When Overwhelmed Author Syndrome rears it’s ugly head, I recommend the 3 B’s.




And, by books, I mean put down your own book and read someone else’s. It’ll remind you why you got into this business in the first place.


5 Tips for Overwhelmed Author Syndrome: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

To-Do List

Lori was right. I’ve got no answers here. I’m imagining that back when we finalized this year’s topic calendar and decided this week we’d talk about Overwhelmed Author Syndrome, we all thought: all our books will be launched by then, and surely we’ll be feeling like pros! Like we’ve totally got a handle on things….
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News Flash: Romance Writers, Hometown Libraries, Yahoo She and Book Festivals

From Natalia's Univision interview last week!

Congrats to Ronna, who won a signed copy of BLADE OF THE SAMURAI from Susan Spann!   From the 2014 Debs… Natalia Sylvester did an interview with the Los Angeles Review of Books, in which CHASING THE SUN was described as “an important and moving addition to the literature chronicling the brutality suffered by Peruvians during President…
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KAY KENDALL talks Jane Eyre, Nancy Drew, and Champagne + DOUBLE GIVEAWAY!


Today we welcome a fellow debut novelist, Kay Kendall, author of DESOLATION ROW! I (Deb Lisa) met Kay last year at a mystery conference called Bouchercon. Kay is a sparkly, feisty Texan with a big heart. What I loved best about her was her surprise and delight when I told her I’d not only heard…
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