First 2010 Deb Now Published!

101TortureHusbandToday is a big day. If you live near New York, you may hear Deb Maria — Maria Garcia Kalb, to be exact — whoop with excitement. (Actually, if you live near New York, you probably hear her on the radio!) Today is the day her book, 101 Ways to Torture Your Husband, is officially published!

101 Ways To Torture Your Husband is a humor book full of Maria’s “tips” for coping with marital stress. (Her legal disclaimer at the front assures us it is “for entertainment purposes only.”) It’s endorsed by a Manhattan therapist and a “Real Housewife of New York City” (really!). Some of it is from Maria’s own experience from her marriage of twelve years and counting, and much of the rest (I hope!) is from her wicked imagination…it is, isn’t it?

How can you celebrate her accomplishment?

You can buy the book
You can follow her on Twitter
You can check out her website
You can listen to her radio show

PS–Maria, this image from the previous version of your website makes me smile. Hope you don’t mind that I snagged it from a previous post of yours!

10 Replies to “First 2010 Deb Now Published!”

  1. Fabulous! I’m sticking my head out the window – listening from Fairfield Cty, yes! yes! I hear the happy howls over the wind! Blogging, Tweeting, FB’ing, etc. Good luck. Oh, and buying the book, natch!

  2. Emily, how could I possibly be upset with the photo?? I had a RIOT during that shoot, envisioning MORE ways on how to torture my husband! LOL
    Thanks for the great post..and MASSIVE thanks to all my DEBS who have been so incredibly supportive! Emily, Sarah, Alicia, Joelle, you all have a special place in my man-torturing heart 🙂

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